11 Places Of Turkey You Can’t Find Anywhere In the World

Turkey is magic… Explore our ancient history and natural beauty. Immerse yourself into the rich culture whilst experiencing the mouth-watering flavours of Turkish cuisine! And if you ask to us: where to go in Turkey? Turkey has a lot of great destinations to offer. Exceptional landmarks, wonderful natural sceneries, historical legacies and a rich culture.

ISTANBUL – The Imperial Capital

The main metropolitan destination, Istanbul sits on two continents (Europe and Asia) divided by the Bosporus Strait. This unique position gives the city a magical glow, with a skyline shaped by historic Mosque domes, exotic bazaars and Ottoman palaces. One of the most ancient cities in the world, Istanbul at times overshadowed even ancient Rome, serving as capital first to Byzantine and then to the Ottoman Empire. It teems with Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman palaces, mosques, churches, monasteries, monuments, walls, and ruins. The Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, and the mosques of Süleymaniye and the Blue Mosque dominate the skyline. Check out our Istanbul Packages.


CAPPADOCIA – Fairy Chimneys Beyond Dreams

Dreamy photos of hot-air balloons over Cappadocia –  The sheer joy of getting up in the air and admiring the Mars-like landscape of Cappadocia while gliding over its weird rock formations put a smile on your face that refused to go. The Cappadocia region of Turkey is known for its “fairy chimney” cave dwellings, making it one of the most unique places to visit in Turkey. Cappadocia was one of the earliest Christian settlements, and to avoid persecution, many people lived underground. Tourists can wander through the narrow tunnels and passageways and see the labyrinth of cave systems that include places for livestock, churches and wineries. Check out our Cappadocia Packages.

ANTALYA – The Tourism Capital

Antalya is best known as being the Turkish Riviera and is the most stunning part of Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline. It is a blend of thriving modern city and ancient history on your doorstep. You can make the most of the beautiful scenery by visiting the spectacular Düden or Kursunlu waterfalls. With its many buildings from Roman times, lovely hotels and restaurants, Antalya’s historic center is the place you don’t want to miss. In Kaleiçi, you can admire the beautiful Hadrian’s gate, enjoy a stroll along shop-filled streets, or eat an ice cream near the harbor. Don’t forget to visit Antalya’s museum, you will be amazed by its incredible archeological collection. Check out our Antalya tour packages.

IZMIR / EPHESUS – Pearl of the Aegean

Another hot seaside city, sizzling Izmir has historical clock towers, ancient citadels and bustling city life. Nearby Ephesus is a must-visit location, with an ancient Roman library and other historical treasures from layered civilisations. This once-thriving ancient Greek city has seen it all and lived to tell the tale. Famed for housing the Temple of Artemis in 550 BC, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Ephesus now houses some of the finest examples of classical architecture to be found in the region. Check out our Kusadasi Tour packages for best Ephesus trips.

PAMUKKALE – White Marvel

Pamukkale in Turkey is the beautiful spot known for the unreal pictures of perfect blue pools of water in what appears to be snowy surroundings. These terraces – called travertines – are one of the natural wonders of Turkey and have been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. They’ve been formed over many years by calcium that has washed down in the water and gradually hardened. These terraces are one of the natural wonders of Turkey and have been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  You can join our Ephesus & Pamukkale Tour Packages.

MARDIN – The home of Cultural Mix

Mardin, the shining city of Mesopotamia, the city where calls to prayer echo with church bell sounds, a timeless poetic city created by the delicate spirit of the mason’s hands that gave form to its stones. Mardin is one of the oldest cities of upper Mesopotamia, located in Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey. Time travel is not a dream. Mardin is a truly enchanting city and adds a different colour to Turkish tourism with its beautiful architecture, varied ethnography, archaeological wonders, historical heritage and visual values.

BLACKSEA / TRABZON & RIZE – Green Part Of Turkey

Call of green. With its deep green forests, high mountains, beautiful plateaus and deep valleys, the Black Sea is one of the most special and geographically rich regions of Turkey. The people of Black Sea are great lovers of fishing, the sea, corn, tea and hazelnut. This colourful population is full of humor and deeply dedicated to the earth. Turkey’s Black Sea region has also 18 small and big cities for local and foreign visitors to go explore. You can check our Blacksea packages.

FETHIYE – Blue waters & Rock Tombs

The dreamlike blue lagoons defines this destination, with water temperatures reaching 26°C in summer. If you’re looking for a taste of paradise in 2020. Fethiye, the magical seaside of Turkey , is surrounded by some of the world’s most stunning beaches, has a harbour with many boats, a vibrant city life, and delicious cuisine. Kabak beach & Butterfly Valley is the Fethiye’s most well know places. You can wander amongst wildflowers, fruit trees and wild goats in this enchanted valley that will have you wondering if you’ve stepped into a storybook paradise that’s been frozen in time. You can check the best blue cruise & gulet cruise tour packages. 

DALYAN DELTA & IZTUZU BEACH – Shelter for Caretta Carettas

Known for its amazing natural beauty, its quaint beaches, the cute town and the awe-inspiring ancient city of Kaunos. Dalyan is a beautiful river town located the Dalyan River, it’s known for its stunning natural beauty, its beaches, the quaint town and the incredible ancient city of Kaunos. Dalyan is located at the edge of the canal and has what we call a lagoon made up of made of these stunning canals that lead to the beautiful crescent-shaped İztuzu Beach. The İztuz  coastline is has been home to the Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles for 3 million years. You can check our daily Dalyan & Iztuzu Beach tour.

SANLIURFA – The City That Changed Human History

Predating Stonehenge by 6000 years, Şanlıurfa’s Göbeklitepe upends the widely-held views on the rise of civilization. In ancient cities such as Harran and Soğmatar, history going back millennia was established through studies and excavations. Many other monuments of ancient civilisations, which have remained buried for thousands of years, are being brought to light one by one by archaeological workings throughout the city. Şanlıurfa, with its wealth of biblical associations, is known as the “Jerusalem of Anatolia” and regarded as a holy site by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

GAZIANTEP – City Of Gastronomy

For centuries Gaziantep has become a meeting place for the naturalists, historians, archaeologists, enthusiasts of adventure and for the ones who are in love with art, devotee of nature and wanderers of cultural values. It is particularly well-known throughout Turkey for its excellent pistachios and rich gastronomy. Its gastronomic connections to the ancient past have contributed much to the formation of the city’s cultural identity. Charming visitors with the glittering Gypsy Girl mosaic, Gaziantep takes you on a delicious journey full of local delicacies.

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