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Istanbul is one of the world’s largest cities — the official population is more than 14 million people, and many estimate it is a great deal larger — and its abundance of frugal diners drives an affordable street food and drinks scene. Plenty of specialties, like boza (a fermented millet drink), originated centuries ago and are synonymous with local culture, while others have arrived more recently as millions of Turks converge on Istanbul from Anatolia (Turkey east of the Bosphorus).

Istanbul might be a goldmine of culinary variety, but it’s no secret that dining at the city’s most fashionable restaurants can leave a hole in your wallet. Whether you’re in a hurry to fill your stomach or your funds are running a bit low, this list of the best street food is sure to come in handy the next time you’re looking around the corner to find a meal. t seems only logical that one of the best ways to experience this incessant rhythm is to wander around Istanbul’s alleys and avenues and literally eat your way around the city. This streetfood tour will give you a chance to taste delicious Istanbul street eats and discover the colorful Kadıköy market on Asian side of Istanbul also allowing you a glimpse into the daily lives of Istanbulites. Come on, join us and eat like locals do! You will also have a chance to taste some of Istanbul’s popular street food during your tour. Please do not have a big lunch if you are joining us in the afternoon. After tour transfer & back to your city center hotels in Istanbul.


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