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8 Days Health Package

Starting From 2,795 

Gastric Bypass Operation In Turkey – 8 Days Programme:

Day 01 – Arrival to Istanbul .Our assistance will welcome you and transfer to your hotel for resting.
Day 02 – Early morning transfer to hospital for an interview and blood , pcr and other test check up before operation. Transfer to hotel .
Day 03 – Free until to learn the result of tests and transfer to hospital for arrengements of operation.Overnight at hospital .
Day 04 – Today is operation day .Overnight at the hospital .
Day 05 – Stay and recovery and overnight at the hospital.
Day 06 – Stay and recovery and overnight at the hospital.
Day 07 – Before departure you explore Gaziantep with city tour,  overnight at the hospital.
Day 08 – Today you can fly your home .

What Is It?

Gastric Bypass Operation in Turkey is one of the most common types of bariatric surgery combining restrictive and malabsorptive procedures.

Technically, during this procedure a small pouch is created to shrink the stomach and a certain segment of the small intestine is brought up and connected to this small pouch. Unlike sleeve gastrectomy, the remnant of the stomach is not removed.

However food does not enter into the remnant section of the stomach while the gastric juice and enzymes are still produced in this section to contribute to the digestion and absorption of the food. In this way, patients who have undergone the gastric bypass procedure lose weight as they eat less and the calorie intake is limited as a result of the smaller size of the stomach while the absorption of high-calorie nutrients is also reduced as a result of direct connection between the remaining pouch and the small intestine. Therefore this procedure can help losing weight by two different mechanisms.

A comprehensive preoperative workup is conducted and the patient is also consulted with a number of specialists including pulmonologists, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and endocrinologists.


This operation can be performed with laparoscopic A 15-30 ml thumb-sized gastric pouch is created from the upper stomach. Distal end of divided small bowel at the 45-cm distal to the start of small intestine is anastomosed to the created gastric pouch. Proximal end is anastomosed to the small intestine at about 100-150 cm distal to the gastric pouch. It is a restrictive and malabsorbtive procedure.


  • Total 7 nights accomadation
  • 2 nights at 4* hotel on bb basis
  • 5 nights at Liv Hospital Gaziantep
  • 1 day Gaziantep city tour
  • 5 nights at hospital
  • All private transfers
  • All pre and post operation tests and consultation
  • All medication and medical garments
  • Personal Assistant for 24/7
  • Plus the information about operation


  • Personal expenses
  • Domestic & International Flight Tickets


Private Tour

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