“Are you looking for a property investment in Turkey? Seeing is believing. Inspection trips are the best method available for your search for dream home in Turkey.”

The purchase of property abroad is a major decision in anyone’s life. Even though you will be provided will all the details of apartments through catalogs, photographs, and descriptions, we strongly recommend that all our clients come and see our apartments for themselves. For this reason, we can organize a viewing trip for you. Our experienced team will organize your trip and will provide an agent ready to answer all your questions and help you out during your property viewing trip. We know that buying a property in a foreign country is not an easy decision to make and will do all in our power to help you during your visit.



From start to end… We are by your side for all arrangement & process.
From arranging viewing trips to purchasing property and to get turkish passports, we give full service of what you need.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

Those foreign nationals who make real estate investments of 250,000 $ value may without waiting become the citizen of Turkey. In order to do that, it will be enough to guarantee that the real estate that will be purchased will not be sold for a period of at least three years.

Turkish citizenship are given directly to foreigners who buy at least 250.000 USD of real estate in Turkey and who give a commitment to buy a property worth of 250.000 USD from the notary.

We show you the best price guaranteed properties which will be convenient for the citizenship program. So, all you need to do is booking for our variety of property viewing tours.

We can provide legal support with agent’s company lawyers who have experience in citizenship by investment program. It’s a very easy-going program with Istanbul Turkey Travel.

It’s 30-60 days period depending on the applicant’s number of family members, documentation. The partner and children of the foreign investor may also benefit from the right of citizenship.


The Program Of The Property Introduction Trip

  1. Upon arrival at the airport, our representative will meet you and provide a transfer to a comfortable hotel or apartment, where you can relax after the trip.
  2. The next day, we start viewing tours by picking you up from your hotel to bring you to our office for property presentations.
  3. We listen to you carefully and we present our shortlist of properties according to your wishlist. Then we choose the best matching properties to visit.
  4.  Before leaving the office we will ask you to sign our “Viewing Tour Form”.
  5. Our agent will guide you in a sightseeing tour of selected real estate objects and will show you the infrastructure of the city.
  6. We visit the chosen properties together to see and make sure of every detail, with a small city tour around them to deliver the sense of your new place of living.
  7. We will provide you a full consultation in the purchase process.
  8. Once you are confident with your decision; we sign the sales contract in your preferred language.
  9. After completing the introduction tour we will provide you a transfer to the airport.

* The introduction tour does not commit you to make any purchase. If we agree upon a sales contract we will compensate your expenses for the air travel, transfer and hotel accommodation.


Key Stages of The Property Buying Process in Turkey

1: Viewing Tour

A viewing tour of begins with a meeting in our office and discussing suitable options for viewing. From there, we will take you to see the suitable properties and the neighborhoods surrounding We understand that buying a property in Turkey is a big lifestyle decision and we want our customers to feel comfortable with their choice.

2: Deposit and Sales Agreement

Once you have chosen the property you want to buy, the next step is to sign the sales agreement with the seller and to make a deposit that is usually 5.000 USD.

At this stage, you will need your passport. The agreement will be in three languages, Turkish, English and your own.

Two copies are issued, one for each party. The agreement will include all terms and conditions related to the sale, and it is legally binding. At this stage, we also offer additional help including furniture shopping, obtaining tax numbers and opening bank accounts.

3: Payment

The sales agreements will also include the currency for payments, which usually consist of the following stages:

  • A deposit (usually 5.000 USD) when signing the sales agreement
  • Full payment when receiving the Title deed (Tapu)

4: Preparing the Appraisal Report

After the payment, the appraisal report is required before the title deed transfer. While preparing the valuation report, the expert checks the property itself, takes the photos, controls the registry at the Tapu office and checks the registered plans at the municipality and finally, collects the comparison prices. It takes 2-3 days to prepare the report.

5: Receiving Your Title Deeds (TAPU)

Unless you appoint a Power of Attorney, you will need to be present when notified that your title deed is ready for collection. At this stage, the final payment must be made, and all taxes and state duties paid.

Both the seller and buyer meet at the title deeds office at the appointed time, where the official transfer of the title deed takes place in the presence of a sworn translator. Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a property in Turkey.

When Can I Move into My Property?

For resale properties, the buyer and seller agree on the handover date. It usually coincides with the full payment and signing of title deed. If you buy a brand-new apartment from a construction company, in most cases, the developers let buyers move in when 70% of the price has been paid.

What Documents Do I Need to Buy Property in Turkey?

Initially, to buy a property, you need a passport and local tax number, of which we will help you to obtain. You will also need the tax number as well as a utility bill from your home in the country you are living in, to open a Turkish bank account. Lastly, two photos measuring 3cm by 4cm are needed.


English Speaking Lawyers in Turkey

If you purchase a property in Turkey,  we have our own property sales agreement which is prepared by company lawyers. We act as a referee between the seller and buyer on each sale, we only want to finish the deal professionally. We prepare a customized agreement for each sale which was the titles are decided by our lawyers. When we add a property, we check the reputation of the company.

What Do Lawyers Do?

There are common checks of the property for a secure purchase what solicitors and lawyers do.

  1. Legal Research of the Property

A most important part of buying a real estate is to contact the correct party and understanding that the seller is selling correct property which he is showing you. Lawyers may guarantee these issues and your money with a Due Diligence Report.

  1. When you decide to purchase an estate solicitor makes the initial checks in the Title Deed registration office to cover if there is:
  2. Property Purchasing Contract in Turkey

~ If there is a reservation contract which includes the agreed terms by the parties the solicitor shall draft the purchase contract according to this.

~ If there has not been a prepared contract and agreed terms the solicitor shall draft the purchase contract according to the satisfaction of all parties with legitimizing the requests of them.

~ If there has already been a drafted contract, the solicitor shall review the contract to ensure that does not damage the rights of the client and fully legal.


How to Get a Turkish Passport?

There is a number of ways to obtain a Turkish passport; however, the most popular one at the moment is acquiring citizenship by property and fund purchasing. According to the new law in Turkey, it is possible to gain Turkish citizenship by means of buying real estate valued at 250.000 USD.

If purchase property through our company, we will make sure this process is as smooth as possible with every step of the way as part of our free after sales services. Whether it’s to start a second life, or it’s investment new business opportunities, we can answer your all demands. We are by your side in the process of taking Turkish citizenship and Turkish Passports.

Advantages of the Turkish Passport

  • Turkish passport and citizenship are processed and delivered in a relatively very short time averaging 60-90 working days.
  • Visa-free to 77 countries easier entrance rights to all 26 Schengen Zone Countries.
  • No need for a minimum residency period required.
  • In the top 30 passports of the world
  • Contains full medical right.
  • Holders obtain benefit from Pension Programs as the Turkish citizen.
  • Provides free education and University reimbursement plans.
  • Gives voting rights to all kinds of elections.
  • Allows dual citizenship indeed who have a Turkish passport, they can also have dual citizenship. Turkish passport has a 10-year validity when you take it and it is renewable for a lifetime.


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What is an online presentation? Our manager will go to the property of your interest at the pre-arranged time. By the means of the online transaction, you will be able to see the property and ask any questions you might have during the video call via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp in the real time.