Each region of Turkey has its own special flavor. Dozens of civilizations which lived on this land have caused for cultures to be blended. And, thus, amazing dishes were born. Adding naturalness and freshness to these delicacies has made it unforgettable. Without further ado, let’s head north to the amazing dishes!

Hamsi pilav (Anchovy Rice)

Hamsi pilav The famous Black Sea dish anchovy rice is from Rize. It has blackcurrant and pine nuts in it. The rice is cooked, the anchovy are lined up, rice piled on it again and another anchovy layer of is arranged one more time. Then it is baked and eaten with pleasure.

Trabzon Pide

Pita (pide) is expertly done in many places of Turkey. However, when you think of pide, the first place that comes to mind is Trabzon. It is delicious with the village cheese and as per your wish with eggs and butter. Trabzon pide is a must to be tried among the Black Sea flavors.

Hamsi buğulama (Poached anchovies)

Poached anchovies is another famous dish from the Black Sea. The anchovies are cleaned and onions are chopped. Tomato paste is melted and added on top of the onions. Lemons are cut thinly and placed on top of the anchovies. Salt, pepper, and parsley are added and the lid is closed and cooked. And then eat it with joy! If you want to get the exact taste of anchovies you should absolutely try it poached.

Akçaabat Köftesi (Akçaabat meatballs)

The Akçaabat meatballs, which are quite tasty, are a taste that can be prepared quickly. You will not be able to forget this dish made with salt, black pepper, garlic, bread crumbs and mined meat. Sincerely, it is a flavor that everyone should experience once in their life

Kuymak (Mıhlama)

Kuymak or know also as “mıhlama” is another national dish from the blacksea which is eaten with pleasure. This flavor, made with corn flour, butter, colt cheese, is among the must-eat in Trabzon. The fact that it gives energy and is one of the best dishes for breakfast makes it one of our favorite dish.

Hoşkıran kavurması

This dish is made with pig weed and is specific to Ordu region. This meal, a vegetable dish, is often consumed in stomach-related diseases. It is made with pig weed that grows on corn fields and moist places. You must definitely try this dish, you will not regret it.

Laz helvası

This dish is actually very similar to semolina helva. But in addition, it contains plenty of butter and vanilla.  Do not forget to add some ice cream!

Pazılı kaygana

Pazılı kaygana, as the name implies, is made from chard (pazı) vegetable. Mint, corn flour and butter are also added to make a great flavor. This food, which will be loved by those who love to eat börek, is among the things you have to taste in the Black Sea.

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