Both destinations have their fair share of historical sites, but most attractions and must-visit places revolve around the theme of outdoor travel. This is not a place for anyone who has plans to lie on a sunbed for two weeks. It is about getting active and enjoy the power of Mother Nature.

Ayder Plateau:

Rize’s most prominent attraction and reason to visit is Ayder plateau. Sitting 80 minutes’ drive from the main city centre, its popularity has boosted thanks to government promotion of yayla tourism to keep this culture alive. For centuries, locals migrated up the mountains in summer to cooler temperatures. Preserving their own culture and heritage, the practice of yayla migration is dying out because the next generation instead stays in larger cities to earn money. When you arrive in Ayder Plateau, expect handmade wooden hotels, rolling green hills and gushing waterfalls. Also, visit the hot springs, and taste the delicious, local honey. Check the best Blacksea packages to see these beautiful highlights.

Elevit Plateau :

Another plateau in Çamlıhemşin is Elevit. The plateau is located at Çat Valley and you can reach after passing Fırtına Valley which is selected by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as among 200 priority ecoregion for global conservation. Located at an altitude of 1800 on the slopes of Kaçkar Mountain, Elevit Plateau is a serene paradise with its stream flowing peacefully among greenery, rich variety of flowers and unique houses. Check out our amazing Trabzon & Rize Packages to enjoy these green beauty.

Gito Plateau :

About 25 minutes from Rize and 2 hours from Çamlıhemşin, Gito Plateau is another highland that will make you feel above clouds. The deep presence of green and blue flowing among the clouds like a white blanket laid under your feet will thrill you. You can stay at the chalets in Gito Plateau. You should definitely visit Zil Fortress built on a large rock at an altitude of 750 m overlooking Fırtına Valley while ascending to Gito Plateau. Check out our amazing Trabzon & Rize Packages to enjoy these green beauty.

Firtina Valley :

Ayder belongs to Rize’s Camlihemsin district that includes Firtina Valley and its fast gushing river. As a popular destination for hardcore walkers, it also attracts white water rafters, eager to take advantage of fast-flowing water. Old Ottoman bridges capture the interest of history lovers and span the river length. For a relaxing break, take a seat in a riverside restaurant to enjoy traditional food with fantastic views. Check out best Rize tours to enjoy these lovely valleys of Blacksea.

Traditional Houses :

Rize’s tea plantations boast of traditional architecture no longer used, making the old-style houses an iconic regional symbol. The homes include a stone bottom, but at the top, small stones set in a crossword-style, edge with wood for a uniformed appearance. The sloping timber roof is unique because many properties in Turkey include balconies or terraces, but these do not. Check out our amazing Trabzon & Rize Packages to enjoy these green beauty.

Beautiful Waterfalls :

Whether you sign up for a guided tour or travel by car, keep an eye out for the stunning waterfalls scattered all over the region. Gelintulu in Ayder Plateau is the most famous. The name translates into the bride’s veil, a resemblance to its fast, flowing stream down the side of a mountain. Also visit Bulut and Palovit, two other camera-worthy natural landmarks. Check out or most popular Blacksea packages to enjoy this beautiful region of Turkey.

Tea Gardens :

Naturally as Turkey’s tea capital, a visit to the heart of it all is necessary. Caykur, the government-owned company, and the biggest seller of tea has set up tea gardens in the city centre, to sample various brands and enjoy a fantastic 360 panoramic views over the coastline. Check out or most popular Blacksea packages to enjoy these green tea gardens.

Uzungol :

Heading into Trabzon, the most famous attraction here is Uzungol, a large lake in between two valleys. Like Ayder plateau, locals still live off the land and often build houses using wood from the nearby forest. Whether you walk around the lake, hire a bike, or jump onto a quad bike to explore further afield, Uzungol is one of Turkey’s underrated attractions. Check out or most popular Blacksea packages to enjoy this beautiful region of Turkey.

Sumela Monastery :

Get ready to be wowed again because the 4th-century Sumela Monastery will imprint your mind forever. Nestled on the side of a cliff face in Macka Park, monks lived there for many centuries before abandoning it during the Turkish War of Independence in 1923. The steep walk uphill is not for anyone with walking difficulties, but once there, admire the kitchens, church with wall and ceiling Biblical frescoes and a stunning view. Check out or most popular Blacksea packages to explore amazing Sumela Monastery.

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